Exotische producten

Other (exotic) products:
Outside the range of biomass products in the last couple of years some more exotic biomass types have developed into commonly used sustainable fuels.

Olive cake
Basically a residue from the olive oil pressing process. Also used for cattle feed purposes.

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS)
Commonly used as an alternative fuel for installations that are capable of utilising larger and harder particles. Co-firing as well as single source use. Additional pre-treatment prior to feed may prove to be necessary.

Attractive caloric value, logistically more complicated due to long distance import (higher transportation costs, price) practically non-absorbent to water/ moist, therefore easy to store. Ash content slightly higher than wood pellets.

Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)
Product derived from (Palm Kernel Shells), fine particle size (max. 1 mm.) Preferably pelletised product. Due to pre-treatment steps more expensive that product (Palm Kernel Shells). Basically the same characteristics as PKS.

Tropical product originating from the sugar cane industry. This product is currently used as briquettes, the more advances users still cope with problems with side products emerging when used in large scale kilns/boilers. This product however is very promising for the future due to high availability as well as caloric value. Apart from that using bagasse for energy generation solves a global problem with this waste-stream from the sugar cane related industry.

Low caloric value, large quantities required for cost effective utilsation, short transportation distances

Low caloric value, large quantities required for cost effective utilisation, short transportation distances